123HelpMe Review

123HelpMe Review

123HelpMe service is an essay help company that has been around for more than 7 years now. It’s not the type of company where you could hire a writer and pay for essay written from scratch though. So, if you’re looking for a custom paper writing service to buy an essay, 123HelpMe is not what you need. It is, however, a database of pre-written essays for those who get their creative juices flowing by reading and analyzing other papers on the topic. How does this work exactly? Is 123HelpMe safe to use? And, most importantly is 123HelpMe service legit? Well, it’s time to find out in our 123HelpMe review!

  • Prices: High & Absolutely Unreasonable

When you first look at the 123HelpMe website, they state loud and clear: all donated essay samples are absolutely free. What they don’t tell you though, is that you need to log into 123HelpMe service account to actually read them. And how exactly do you do that? You just have to pay for a subscription for a 123HelpMe free account, so you have access to free papers! Oh, the irony. It seems, it actually is a pay for essay service after all, although the papers are hardly custom-made.

What’s even more, this subscription of yours is going to be quite expensive. If you choose the monthly plan, your 123HelpMe service free account will cost you $30 per month. You could also choose the middle plan that allows you to pay $60 every three months. And if you choose a yearly plan, your 123HelpMe account will cost $10 per month. That’s a truly generous offer indeed, especially considering that 123HelpMe service is supposed to be free of charge. But that’s not all. Once you select a plan, it becomes a regular fee, which you can cancel only with one-week prior notice. Frankly, we could just finish this 123HelpMe review right here, but that wouldn’t be fair, would it?

At least they regularly offer a 123HelpMe service invite code, which allows you to download a random paper for free. It’s not clear though, how exactly do you get a 123HelpMe invite code and on which paper will it be.

  • Overall Quality of Service: Terrible

So, is 123HelpMe legit? As always, for the sake of our 123HelpMe review, we’ve checked their registration: Hollywood, California. That’s about all the real info we could get. The company doesn’t have a live chat or phone number; you can contact them via email only. 123HelpMe doesn’t hire writers – it is just students who donate their old papers for research purposes absolutely for free. Naturally, the quality of over 400,000 papers varies greatly, and 123HelpMe doesn’t bother to monitor the levels of papers submitted.

For this 123HelpMe service review, we’ve also examined their Terms of Service. The company literally disclaims all liability relating to quality of papers they post or your use of those papers.

  • Reputation On the Web: Chaotic Evil

So, is 123HelpMe service safe? You might have already guessed the answer, but we’re not even finished yet. We couldn’t find any positive 123HelpMe service reviews, which isn’t surprising. What did surprise us, was the alarming amount of 123HelpMe reviews stating that papers on the website are fake. Almost every 123HelpMe review claims: “full versions” of those previewed papers are merely 50 words more than “sample versions.” Basically, the content you see on preview is all the content 123HelpMe actually has!

What’s more, in every single 123HelpMe review customers complain that the company ignores any requests to terminate your membership. Subscription fees are non-refundable, and 123HelpMe will deny your requests and charge you as long as they possibly can. As you can see, 123HelpMe service is definitely not safe to use.

To sum up our 123HelpMe review, this service is as close to scam as it gets. They’re basically like a library. A very expensive library full of empty bookshelves and the librarian won’t let you leave.

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