Affordable papers review

Affordable papers review

For 8 years affordable papers were providing academic paper writing services. It’s a long history on the market, so one would expect a perfectly polished quality of essays. Well, perhaps, not the case. That’s the first impression you get reading affordable papers reviews. Many people complain that the quality is awful, the customer service is not responsive, and the money isn’t actually returned. While preparing this review we went through all those reviews and their guarantees and policies on the website. Below you can find the conclusions were made.


Features and services at affordablepapers

First of all, it’s important to emphasize that affordablepapers com provides only academic writing services. This means, that if you are looking for a business related paper or job application documents, you won’t find them here. There are three paper categories at

  • school;
  • college;
  • university.

Talking about the types of papers, has most of the most popular ones. You can order here anything from an essay to dissertation, thesis, term paper. Recently they added creative writing, PowerPoint presentations, book reviews. And also other less formal paper types to their portfolio.

We would like to focus on deadlines and prices in our affordable papers review. The thing is that it’s not a service which you can use for urgent tasks. The minimum deadline for affordable papers is 8 hours. Perhaps, that’s the reason they claim to have overnight written essays. On the other hand, the maximum deadline is 14 days, which isn’t flexible either. Meaning that many other platforms are giving you the possibility to order a paper with a 30 days deadline to lower your cost per page.

Now let’s speak about money in our affordable papers review. Since you will see the word ‘affordable’ all around the website, we need to ensure, that it’s really cheap. Affordable start at 9 $ per page for school writing and reaches 15 $ per page for university assignments. It is definitely cheap, but far not the best price on the market. On the other hand, the platform doesn’t offer any discounts and promotions for new customers or loyal ones.

General opinion in all affordable papers reviews

Affordable papers is honest enough to say that their customer support team members are not native English speakers. But user experience shows as well that most of their writers are not native speakers either. Almost every single review is about finding numerous errors in phrasing and structure of the essays. This, perhaps, is the reason they are able to provide low cost papers to their clients. But every the ones looking for affordable papers aren’t expecting poor quality in terms of both content and grammar. The fact that they pay low to writers which are not from English speaking countries is almost obvious.

On the other hand, doesn’t mention even a single time the word ‘quality’ at its’ website. Which means they are fair enough not to pretend to be offering it.

Usually, every affordable papers review speaks about the content being too generic. Even the most polite ex-customers say that the essay wasn’t awful, but it was definitely below average. Most of the students claim to receive F when bringing in assignments done by affordable papers. Seems like ordering a university level essay which is 15 $ per page doesn’t guarantee you that it won’t be written by a school-girl. Generally, the level of the writers seems to be much lower than what it is expected to be. The thesis statements are not formulated clearly, there is a lack of arguments and references in the essays.


Affordable papers review: additional services

Do you really pay less when ordering an essay from affordable papers? Perhaps, you just don’t take into your calculations the extra services, which are usually included in the higher rated websites. For example, at you won’t find any proofreading service done by professional editors. Besides that you can’t choose your writer, you won’t receive drafts in case of dissertation orders. What is even more important is that you can’t get an urgent essay writing task and the revisions are limited.

What affordablepapers do offer is the free plagiarism checker.


Affordable papers review: guarantees

Officially the platform offers money back guarantee. But there is no affordable papers review proving that it happened at least once. The platform takes care of confidentiality though. Again, there wasn’t anyone telling that they ever disclosed their details. The platform has a Revision policy on their website, which is good. Unfortunately, in most of the cases, writers refuse to make adjustments claiming that the new request isn’t matching with the original one.



In our affordable papers review the obvious advantage is the low price. In fact, it’s the right place if you know your professor isn’t looking for quality in your task, but only needs to have it filled in. The other good thing is that their support team is usually responsive and polite. But unfortunately, the money-back doesn’t depend on them.



There are many disadvantages of the service. As you could clearly understand from our affordable papers review, the quality is definitely lacking. Besides that, the platform itself is very hard to navigate. In order to find out something you constantly need to click on links and open up new things.

Another disadvantage is that the platform is not very flexible in terms of papers offered. There is only academic writing here and nothing for business people.

The worst thing is that the reviews at affordablepapers don’t match with reviews on third party websites. Mainly customers swear about the quality and no money-back. Whilst on their website it’s all full of 5 stars. This could mean only one thing. Affordablepapers are faking reviews, which is disappointing.


The conclusion is frustrating. After 8 years on the market they produce very low-quality content. The writers aren’t native speakers and omit many grammar and phrasing errors. For paying a few more dollars one could get a decent essay on another platform. Plus the lack of discounts and coupons doesn’t make it much cheaper than the more reputable sites are.

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