Edusson review

Edusson review

Are you looking for an easy way to get your essay done? What about the price? Low cost attracts students but can be risky as well. You are in the right place if looking for a real marketplace to negotiate the amount you spend on your essay. The name of your solutions is a bidding auction system used for essays. And Edusson is one of the well-known platforms for doing that. On the other hand, let’s not forget about the quality! This is exactly what we are going to focus on in this edusson review.


Edusson services offered

Edduson offers a wide range of academic and business writing. Which are good news, since not only students can use it. The most popular services are as follows:

  • Various essays.
  • Research papers.
  • Term papers.
  • A separate chapter of a dissertation.
  • Lab reports.
  • Book reviews.

As we mentioned in our edusson review before, the specialty of the system is bidding. This means that you will fill in all the possible details about your order and wait for writers to express their interest and prices.

Edduson ensures that their writing is 100% unique. That it’s done by fluent in English writers, who have academic and real-life expertise in the specific fields of study. They are also fast to respond even before you accepted their offer. This is another advantage in our edusson review. You can ask additional questions to the writers who bid to your assignment. It makes the process of selection easier. After all, a few lines in a chat box can make it clear whether you get along well, like his or her writing style.

But here comes the slight disadvantage of the service. No one on edduson guarantees that you will have a native English speaker as a writer. On the other hand, there are plenty edusson reviews claiming that their writer wasn’t native, which was obvious from the chat already.


What about the copyright? Most of the platforms omit this question. It’s well known that the writers retain their copyright, whilst you are submitting or publishing the paper at your own risk. This is just on the contrary with edusson. They put it straightforward on their start page that the copyrights are transferred to you. This gives you piece of mind for using the academic paper in the future without any doubts.

The last service we wanted to mention in our edusson review is their iOS application. This is a big advantage comparing to other essay writing platforms. It means much easier process of submitting your order. Besides that, it’s incredibly important for a bidding essay platform. You will have to check out dozens of writer who bid at your assignment. Doing it with a mobile browser won’t be much fun. With edusson you can do it through an app.


Placing your order at Edusson

This will be time-consuming, so be ready to dedicate a while to it. Don’t expect to make an essay request in two clicks and three seconds. If you don’t put enough details into your order, reputable writers just won’t spend their time on you. Most probably, you’ll get many low-quality writers who will happy to use lack of details to write a below-average essay.

Once again with we would like to emphasize in this edusson review article that usually with bidding platforms you get what you invest. This is related to both money, and efforts. If you take the time to mention all the details related to your order, you will avoid many unpleasant situations later. For example, no one will be able to say you are asking for something not specified in the task. This is the most common excuse for a writer to refuse money-back or even a revision.

Now time to clarify the step by step process of placing an order in Edusson.

  1. First of all, you have to create an account. That’s how all the bidding systems work. You will transfer money to your edduson wallet and use them for paying the writers when the job is done.

In the ordering form mention all the requirements your professor wanted from you. The format and citing preferences, duration, font if any, topic and all the details you have about the desired result.

  1. According to many edusson reviews it will take a couple of hours for writers to bid to your assignment. You will have a few dozens of them and can use various filters to make your selection process easier. You can filter by price, experience, quantity of completed orders, and customer rating. Then if you have additional questions, you can contact the writers directly, before making a decision.
  2. Receive your paper. Hopefully you won’t need any revisions, but it’s advised to let some time for reviewing as well.


Edusson review: Pricing

Most of the times the first bids will come from the most expensive writers on Edusson. This is the reason why you’ll choose to wait more for the lower priced to come. However, a bidding system also means that you won’t get any discounts or promos. You are the one making the cost lower by selecting a less pricy writer, but it can harm the quality of the paper as well.



In our edusson review we mentioned a few good things about the platform. It was the application they developed for making the bidding and selection process easier. Which is a big advantage among other essay writing platforms.

Besides that, you can choose your own writer and have a discussion before agreeing to collaborate. It’s also a very important point, since even chatting for a few minutes will make you feel whether it’s your kind of person or not.


The biggest disadvantage of edusson is that the selection process is still time-consuming. And it’s regardless of their app and filtering options. Other platforms match you with a writer on their own. Sometimes it just works out better. Actually, the company knows more about the writers’ experience, capabilities, reliability. When you do it on your own it’s very much like a lottery. You either win big, or loose it all.

A well-known problem of edduson is that they have very little control over what their writers say in their profiles. This means that you can be easily misled by a wrong information. Many edusson reviews say they are not checking the background of their writers much.

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