Essay tigers review

Essay tigers review

Essaytigers is reputable platform which has been around for a while. They are known for being a reliable service among all other essay providers on the market. Why reliable? The company doesn’t shout about low prices or zero plagiarism. They just say that the most important thing for them is you and your grades. The rest comes as an outcome of this statement.

However, just as every other academic paper writing platform it has its’ pros and cons. Below in our essay tigers review we will try to uncover all the details you need to know before proceeding with your order.

Essay Tigers Overview

Essaytigers com is one of the oldest platforms on the market. Actually, they were one of the predators of the service. This is definitely an advantage, because you can find really a lot of essay tiger reviews. They are highlighting to be effective in what they do. The idea behind this is that essaytigers don’t try to be efficient. They don’t try to spend as little as possible on writers and do the work in whatever level it happens to be ready. In fact, they don’t have a huge client base, but rather a large group of loyal customers.

There are a few reasons one can become loyal to essay tiger. The first category of people go for it because of low prices. It’s true you will spot not a single essay tiger review saying that the platform was chosen for extra low cost. The truth is that with their low-cost service you can’t go higher than the passable grade. The other category of their clients is loyal because of essay tiger premium class service. For using the premium version, you have to buy some extras, like one of their TOP writers. This will escalate both quality, and price of your order.

There is another thing which creates tight bounds between essaytigers and their customers. The essay tigers discount code. In fact, they seem to be experts in knowing when to do promotions, and how often. You will see many essay tigers reviews saying that they either tried out the service or came back to the platform because of an ongoing promotion. Almost always you can spot a essay tiger discount code on the top of their website. They do have seasonal discounts, Christmas and Easter promotions and so on.


Essay tigers review: services and features

Generally, essaytigers offer more or less all mainstream paper writing services. They categorize those to undergraduate, graduate and professional types of papers. Essay tiger has a standard and premium offering for these papers.
Besides that, to keep on with trends, they also started to offer business writing features. These include:

  • Cover letters.
  • Business plans.
  • Personal statements.

What is really nice to see is that despite being predators on the market, they are really flexible. We would like to emphasize in this essay tigers review that in case you have a more complex task, you can always feel free to contact their support team. Talking about complex and unusual services, we have to mention the possibility to have your test completed by essay tigers. This is possible if you give an advance notice to the company.

Out of their new services to mention, we should highlight:


So, as you see, despite being almost forever on the market, having their loyal customer base, essaytigers still develop. This is definitely the positive part of our essay tigers review.


Essay tigers review: prices

As we mentioned before in this essay tigers review, their prices are more or less the lowest within the legitimate paper writing market. You’ll get your paper gone for around 10 $ per page and 2 weeks of deadline with their standard service. Then the premium extras can be added when checking out. It will include a TOP writer. This is something important to remember in case you need a sophisticated paper.

Besides that, let’s mention in this essay papers review their urgent service. The minimum deadline is 3 hours, but it will cost you a bit. For the urgency you’ll be supposed to pay around 56 $ per page. So you better contact them much in advance before your deadline!

When placing your order with essay tiger you’ll have all the premium extras ticked by default. This will make the total price seem scary. But don’t worry, just untick anything unnecessary and enjoy the low cost, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Not to forget to mention the tigers to go coupon code. Their most popular discount code is GET5OFF which gives a 5% discount. Other than that, as mentioned in this essay tigers review before, you should check out their top menu bar on the front page. If there is any ongoing discount or promotion it will appear there.

Essay tigers also values loyal customers, and the ones who order a lot. If your total price exceeds 1000 $ then you are eligible for 10% off. If it’s above 500$ you’ll get a 5% discount. Maybe you should order altogether with your friends?



There are plenty of advantages already mentioned in this essay tigers review. Let’s sum up them all:

  • Low price for those looking for passable grades.
  • High class service from TOP writers if you go for the premium.
  • Long time on the market and plenty of reviews to ensure it’s not a scam.
  • Frequent discounts and promotions.
  • Always available customer support team. You can reach out via phone, skype, chat and email. Moreover, their support team usually sends very handy links related to academic paper writing via email.




There is not too much to complain about in our essay tigers review. Some customers may blame them for low quality, but you only get what you pay for in this life. If you go for the lowest cost, don’t expect Cervantes to write your essay. Maybe a slight disadvantage is that you can’t count on too many revisions with essay tiger. They offer up to 3 free revisions per paper. But again, people usually don’t complain about their quality. Hopefully, you won’t need them.

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