EssayShark Review

EssayShark Review

EssayShark com is yet another controversial online paper writing service. It’s on the market for over 10 years now, so it’s one of the most long-lived companies in the field. And yet, we found an alarming number of threads and discussions calling EssayShark service scam all over the web. Well, if you doubt whether you should trust this company with your money, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. It’s time we found out everything about the service Essay Shark com in this honest EssayShark review!

  • Prices: ?????

EssayShark service has a bidding system, which means you can choose the writer depending on their bid. While this system is often great for those who prefer a wide range of pricing choices, EssayShark implements it somehow weirdly. The thing is, you won’t find a single mention of at least approximate pricing per page for different assignments. The only way for you to learn whether you can afford your paper is to place an order. So, for those who need to know at least an approximate price before they commit and buy essay online, service of EssayShark is not an option.

The good thing about this bidding though is that you can actually check whether the writer costs their money. All EssayShark writers that bid on your project must provide a sample page specifically for your assignment. That sounds pretty cool and practical, considering that many EssayShark service reviews warn us to choose the writer extra carefully.

As for the discounts or loyalty programs, due to the bidding system EssayShark has nothing to offer. I guess your only hope for an affordable paper from this service is to get lucky with bids.

  • Overall Quality of Service: Not Great

First things first, for the sake of this EssayShark service review, we’ve checked their registration: EssayShark is a UK company, with support facilities in Ukraine. They offer help mostly with high-school and college level papers, but you can order university-level papers as well. The shortest possible deadline is 1 hour, which would certainly be a plus if only you’d have guarantees of delivery. It seems your delivery, plagiarism rate and overall quality of the paper depends solely on the writer you choose. The majority of EssayShark service writers are from the Middle East, and you can’t check their academic backgrounds. Still, it’s possible to select a good writer if you check their sample thoroughly and judge their skills correctly. All in all, it seems like EssayShark is a hit-or-miss type of service.

  • Reputation On the Web: Lawful Evil

As you might have already guessed, EssayShark reviews are pretty controversial. One moment you’re reading an EssayShark review from a happy customer who got lucky enough to find a truly professional writer, and the next you’re looking at death threats comments. Well, that escalated quickly. Seriously though, in almost every EssayShark review students agree that you’re the one responsible for the quality of your paper. If you choose a good writer, everything runs smoothly, you communicate freely and get everything done on time. And if you make a wrong choice, well, there will be consequences, and you won’t like them. Mostly, every negative EssayShark review mentions consequences like high plagiarism rate or inferior writing, or often both. There’s also one more alarming thing: almost every EssayShark review states that your order is non-refundable after the approval, and revisions will cost you extra.

So, should we consider EssayShark scam? That depends on your definition of scam service, I guess. Hopefully, this EssayShark review did help you form your own opinion on the company.

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