Speedy Paper Review

Speedy Paper Review

Speedypaper is well-know on the market and has a reputation of very high-quality essay writing service. Despite the fact that they are on the market for not so long, they seem like conquered it with their excellent writers. The company started in 2015-2016, just when most of the reviews started to appear on the web. Talking about speedy paper reviews – most of them are five star rated. On the other hand, you will definitely see websites stating that speedypaper is a low-quality essay writing service. You will notice whether the speedypaper review is subjective or not for sure. Most of the times, the very negative reviews are coming from competitors. That easy it is.

In our speedy paper review we will cover the following topics:

  • Their services and features.
  • Prices and discounts.
  • Answer the question ‘is speedy paper legit’.
  • Check out the guarantees for refunds and revision policy.


Speedy paper overview

Their website is built very well. As soon as you enter, the first thing you see is the price calculator. There are no hidden costs and you can find out what will be your total spending straight ahead. After you understood that the price matches your expectations, you move towards a video. The platform shares a video on how to place an order, track it, check and approve the essay!

Then we would like to point out in our speedy paper review the way they showcase their testimonials. Speedypaper wanted to ensure that you really believe it wasn’t them writing their own positive reviews. On their homepage you can check out their video reviews. What stands out of the whole picture is speedypaper customer support. They even offer to call you back in 30 sec if you leave your phone number. This is something not every customer support team can manage.


Speedy paper review: services and features

Besides the typical mainstream academic writing services for students, they offer a much larger bundle. The special, not typical services we would like to mention in our speedy paper review:

  • So, changing the text in order for it not to be similar with others. In other words, it’s a rewriting service for your essays.
  • Editing and proofreading service. This solution works well if you already have a ready essay and want an expert to proofread it.
  • Grading service. This solution is again for the ones already having their assignment written. If you want to see what mark it’s worth of, before your professor announces the verdict, upload it to the platform. Speedypaper team will also make some minor changes and suggestions for you to improve your writing.


Now returning the focus of this speedy paper review to standard services which are usually of students’ interest. Here is a brief list of what speedypaper can offer you:

  • Bibliography pages.
  • Term paper.
  • Various types of essays.
  • Thesis proposal.
  • Review writing.
  • Business writing – CV, speech, presentation, admission essays etc.


They have several categories for their assignment writing services. It’s high school, undergraduate, Master and PhD. The maximum deadline for ordering with speedypaper is 14 days, with the minimum being 6 hours. Just as most of the reliable essay writing services you can order a part of your work written, not the whole assignment. This can lower the costs, though speedypaper is not that high in price.


Speedy paper review: Writing staff and customer support

Speedypaper doesn’t share much information about their writing staff.  Unlike other academic writing services, which prefer proving all along their start page their nativity. They don’t guarantee there are natives, have titles or 14+ years of experience. The only thing speedypaper promises is the high grade you are going to get thanks to them. On the other hand, we would like to mention in this speedy paper review that they do offer pro writers service. Don’t worry, their ‘standard’ writers are known for high quality. These are just in case you really need something sophisticated.

Speedypaper customer service can be described as the most patient team ever. When you order an essay online for the very first time, you will definitely have plenty of questions. Don’t be embarrassed to spam them with those!


 Prices and discounts

As for the prices they are quite average on the market. Using their standard service you’ll receive an above average quality. Your total cost with speedypaper depends on the complexity, length and deadline of the essay. The calculation is simple, and you’ll see the price breakdown straight ahead. You can also select extra services to your cart. The payment system is standard – you can use any credit card and PayPal.

There is a speedy paper discount code F9NKYNGI which you can use to cut 10% off your total cost. You might find another speedy paper promo code on their website as well. They often launch promotions and sales.



Most of the people who used and reviewed the platform online didn’t need revisions. However, it’s good to know about speedypaper policies in advance:

  • You can ask for 3 revisions before approving the essay. You will have the possibility to press ‘approve’ once you get your assignment online but do it only after you check out the content.
  • Another revision is granted after you approve the assignment, within 7 days.

Talking about refund possibilities. It’s all sorted out case by case, but the general rule is 100, 90, 70 or 50 % of money-back. The most important thing for getting your refund is having your original request not met by the writer. You definitely not just say ‘I don’t like the writing’.


With all this being said, we hope you don’t question anymore ‘is speedy paper legit, or not?’. Both revision and refund policies are very clear. You just have to ensure following the rules.



The definite advantage highlighted many times in this speedy paper review is their quality. Whilst the price is not higher than others offer, the quality is at least above average. And in case we are talking about their top writers, it will be highest ever.



The only slight disadvantage we can mention is their quite aggressive marketing strategy. Once you left your email to the company you’ll get many promotions to your mailbox. However, if you are going to use the service often, this might be even helpful. After all, you’ll find some extra speedy paper discount code there.

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