Studybay Review

Studybay Review

There are a few platforms that go the extra mile to make their customers satisfied. Fortunately, studybay is one of them! This essay writing platform impresses by surprisingly high quantity of positive studybay reviews. And they are far beyond its’ own website. The general opinion about study bay is that their writing is 100% unique and people rarely request their money back.

Let’s see in details in our studybay review whether it’s true or not!


Studybay features

This is not a usual essay ordering platform. Studybay has a biiding system to provide you with the lowest prices on the market. This means that you’ll have to overcome a lot of routine while placing your order. But at the end, it might turn out to be worth the struggle. Find below in our studybay review the step by step guideline on placing your essay orders.

  • Set up an account on This is required since we are dealing with a bidding platform. It means that you have to send money to your study bay account to place the essay request.
  • Fill in numerous fields to provide as many details regarding your assignment as possible. Tell what you expect from your writer, what will be the topic, whether you have a preferred opinion on the subject. It’s a real routine, but if you invest an effort, it might bring you and A+!
  • Now wait for the writers to reply to your request with their prices. Be patient, ordering a studybay essay takes time. You should leave around 6 hours for all the writers to apply.
  • Pick your writer. In case you’ll have a hundred of bids it will take you another couple of hours. But at the same time, we would like to highlight in our studybay review that it’s actually a privilege. It is indeed, far not all the paper writing platforms let you chose the writer. With study bay you can check out each profile, see the reviews, background, experience etc.
  • Once you chose the writer, studybay will reserve the amount on your study bay account.
  • The writer starts working on your assignment and you can communicate directly in chat.


Now it may seem like being a negative studybay review, but the sole purpose was to highlight to process and quality of service it brings you as a result. Studybay is not suitable for urgent tasks. But it is a perfect option for a high-quality essay which you can let being written within a week.


What papers you can order from studybay?

In our studybay review we would like to mention the main types of documents their platform is focused on. These are:

  • term papers;
  • essays;
  • dissertations;
  • research paper;
  • reflective practice;
  • creative writing etc.


There are definitely many more types of academic papers you can order at studybay. That’s how we return to the point of writing as many details as possible within your order. Everything can be customised, but you have to ask for it.


Prices at studybay

Without exaggeration, our studybay review admits that their prices are the lowest on the market. They actually start at as little as 3 $ per page. On the other hand, you have to remember that it’s a bidding platform. There are low-class writers offering their services at the lowest cost. Are you looking for this kind of quality? You better come to study bay with an intention to use it’s very sophisticated, experienced writers, not the possibility to pay as little as possible.

Studybay offers discount for new clients, you can get it via the ‘ILOVESB’ studybay promocode.


Guarantees in our studybay review

Studybay calls it a ‘warranty’ for all written assignments. They mean a free revision policy and money back guarantee. It’s important to keep in mind this option since you may not definitely like the result. It happens that you won’t find the perfect writer from the first attempt. On the other hand, it’s hard to find a studybay review mentioning any studybay scam. The writers may refuse to do a revision and apply changes. But this only happens if now you are requesting something you didn’t mention when ordering the paper. It seems to be a fair deal, and you must treat the ordering process as responsibly, as the writers your assignment.


Studybay pros

The most obvious advantage in our studybay review was the platform’s aim for high quality. That is the reason they make you fill in all those details. And that is the reason they are so detail-oriented when hiring new writers. Choose a writer with higher bid and more reviews to experience their best kind of service.

On the other hand, you may come here for the low prices. That’s real. Studybay has the lowest rates on the market. So, go ahead in case your essay is not something very sophisticated or you want to give a chance to a starting writer.

The third and last advantage will be mentioned in this studybay review is the very clear structure of their website. You start the page with watching the ‘how does it work’ video and checking out the calculator. Then you see all types of documents they work on and as well see the best rated writers. Already at this first contact you may consider this as a reliable platform for the ability to see their team.


Studybay cons

As it was mentioned before, study bay is not for urgent assignments. The minimum deadline is 24 hours and it is this way because gathering all the writers interested in your assignment takes time. And it’s in your advantage to wait a bit more to get more bids.

The process of placing an order is time-consuming as well. It will take you a while to fill in all the required information, create an account and transfer money to your studybay wallet.


With this being said it must be crystal clear that studybay is not for fast and cheap essay. Despite having the lowest price on the market, it lets writers bid to your task. That is where you should look for benefits. You can get a very experienced writer, which you choose on your own, much cheaper than on other platforms.

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